Run by people,
driven by technology.

The world’s first consultancy firm without an office

We are thrilled to introduce Beleap, a consultancy firm run by people, driven by technology. With an independent “league of extra attentive professionals”, Beleap offers consultancy services and execution power for your transformation and performance challenges. As a one-stop-expert-shop, we offer resilience, improve your success rate, and empower your potential.


BELEAP’s mission is to democratize access to service assignments and contribute to empowered and resilient professionals of the future, now.

We lead with an inclusive and attentive approach, focusing on merits rather than misguided metrics. As shapers of the future, we tear down the walls of imposed limitations. We provide different perspectives, enabling innovative insights and solutions. 

We unlock your full potential by merging human ingenuity with technology and empower those around us to move beyond the status quo.


Optimising your earnings capacity

  • Continuous exposure to all assignments
  • Focusing on competences, values and personality rather than misguided metrics
  • Offering more than the usual perspectives on your challenges

Empowering your entrepreneurship

  • Launching your digital solutions, available to the many
  • Rewarding involvement and engagement
  • Offering value-based pricing

Offering resilience for whatever tomorrow brings

  • Offering a one-stop-expert-shop for both clients and professionals
  • Enhancing your decision making with transparency in pre-calculated success rates
  • Empowering interaction and engagement between our clients and professionals

Our focus

A one-stop-expert-shop for all your challenges! Try us.

We are where we are needed. Our proprietary research shows that the following sectors will continue to undergo significant transformation in the next decade:

  • Financials & Insurers
  • Public administration, Education & Healthcare
  • Professional Services


“Being the best you can be is not about competing with someone else; it is about breaking down your limitations one by one.”

Mohamed Khaoiri

“Lasting impact and successful transitions require attentive involvement of all stakeholders. You can’t win the Olympics alone, or with a partially involved team.”

Hüseyin Tekin

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